Flight Dispatch Certification


Are you interested in becoming a Certified Flight Dispatcher?

An aircraft dispatcher (flight dispatcher) is an airman, who is licensed by civil aviation authorities and shares in the responsibilities related to flight planning, problem solving and contingency planning.

At NEXUS Academy, we are committed to preparing students for a rewarding career as an airline or commercial operation aircraft dispatcher via our civil aviation (GACA) certified course.

We offer a complete career solution for our clients:

  • Aircraft Dispatch Initial Course
  • Aviation English Courses
  • Company Basic Indoctrination
  • International Flight Planning (IFP)
  • Extended Range Operations (ETOPS/EDTO)
  • International Procedures for North Atlantic Tracks and Pacific Ocean
  • Dispatch Resources Management (DRM)
  • Aircraft Specific Training
  • Aircraft Dispatcher Recurrent Course
  • Aircraft Dispatch Oral and Practical Preparation Course

Admission Requirements:

Anyone who wishes to pursue a career in flight dispatch/OCC can take this course, but participants must be at least 21 years of age and successfully completed high school to be eligible to take the CAA aircraft dispatch test for license/certification with an ICAO English Language Proficiency Level 4.

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