Customer Service Training


The Customer Service Training Course is designed for the frontline staff who represent the first impression of the organizations. This course has been developed to assist customer services representatives to enhance their skills and understand the importance of their job as well as the costs and consequences of not providing a good service.

Course Overview

To develop customer service skills and apply the recommended techniques as best practices. This course prepares students with operationally relevant, work-related service skills to successfully function in a complex and dynamic aviation environment in which a good customer service with external and internal customers is vital. Its effectiveness is based on proven classroom materials and approaches adopted by qualified and experienced instructors.

Admission Requirements

Preferably for Aviation Companies ICAO English Language Proficiency Level 3, for service companies English Language Level 3-4

Course Details

  • Offered in Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam, Kigali, Dubai

  • 1 Days

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