NEXUS Academy ​draws upon the world’s foremost experts when staffing its training courses. Our instructors are veterans of the aviation industry, typically with decades of real-world experience in their specific area of expertise. Often they are thought leaders in their field, invited to speak at industry conferences and symposia and participate in policy making and the development of regulations. Read More...

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The premier provider of aviation operation services that help customers easily navigate the complex international travel process.

NEXUS Academy is a fully owned subsidiary of NEXUS. NEXUS provides world-class aviation experience, attention to detail, and an end-to-end suite of travel solutions to ensure that our capability translates to superior flight experiences for a wide range of national and international clientele.

With a strong focus on service excellence and operational efficiencies, NEXUS connects travelers to the world by creating relationships that help transform the everyday customer experience into something extraordinary. Find out more about NEXUS

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NEXUS Academy Locations

In addition to NEXUS Academy’s six existing and upcoming locations on three continents, NEXUS Group Flight Operations Services offices and affiliates are located in Yardley, Monaco, Kigali, Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam, Dubai, Mumbai, Shanghai, Manila and Hong Kong.